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Welcome to WHALE, WHALE, WHALE: a guided read-through of the Herman Melville classic, Moby-Dick. If you're a fan of Moby-Dick looking for a new twist on the book, you've never read the book, you've tried to read the book and then given up, or if you've ever lied and said you read the book, this is the show for you. Hosted by Kevin Flynn.

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    32.2: Cetology, Pt. 2 (w/ Sean Morrow)

    Sean Morrow (@snmrrw) of NowThis and Facebook Watch's Apocalypse NowThis returns to help us finish chapter 32, Cetology! Join us as we indulge the rest of Ishmael's harebrained whale classifications and learn the important differences between the different types of whales! Spoiler: They're all pretty similar!

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    32.1: Cetology, Pt.1 (w/ Sean Morrow)

    NowThis Producer and Host of Facebook Watch's Apocalypse NowThis Sean Morrow (@snmrrw) joins Kevin to read the first part of Chapter 32, "Cetology!" The mother of all long and boring chapters! We also discuss a cool nautical-themed bar in New York we recently ran into each other at, so you know we're a couple of cool street-wise dudes!

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    30 & 31: The Pipe / Queen Mab (w/ Will Huebner)

    Will Huebner (@WillHuebner) of FREE THE SHOW and The Spooky Seven returns to enjoy two short but fun chapters, "The Pipe" and "Queen Mab"! Don't worry, we read slowly and savor the chapters - unlike Ahab and that pipe, am I right?!...Hello?

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    26 & 27: Knights And Squires / Knights And Squires (w/ Stephen Sciortino)

    First mate Stephen Sciortino returns to join Kevin in reading TWO chapters that are BOTH called "Knights and Squires". Are you kiddin' me?! Ishmael introduces us to the rest of the ship's crew, while Kevin and Stephen try to figure out what the exact opposite of "fisherman" is and devise a great idea for a whaling-themed golf video game.

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    24 & 25: The Advocate / Postscript (w/ Stephen Sciortino)

    New first mate, high school classmate and old friend Stephen Sciortino joins Kevin as Ishmael provides an unprompted, rambling defense of the profession of whaling that sounds a lot like a late night infomercial. Call now and get a free harpoon while supplies last!

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    22 & 23: Merry Christmas / The Lee Shore (w/ Tim Sampson)

    Tim Sampson (The Onion, Comedy Central, Crazy Christians) returns to help us read Chapters 22 and 23, "Merry Christmas" and "The Lee Shore"! The Pequod FINALLY embarks, Ishmael has a second encounter with extremely memorable character Bulkington, and Kevin and Tim continue their extremely important work of finding Muppet and other pop culture analogs to the characters in this book!

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    20 & 21: All Astir / Going Aboard (w/ Tim Sampson)

    New first mate Tim Sampson (The Onion, Comedy Central, Crazy Christians) joins Kevin to read Chapters 20 and 21, "All Astir" and "Going Aboard"! The crew of the Pequod make final preparations to embark, Ishmael and Queequeg have a second encounter with the stranger Elijah, and Kevin and Tim discuss in depth which Muppets would star in an all-Muppet adaptation of Moby Dick.

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    18 & 19: His Mark / The Prophet (w/ Ben Meyerson)

    First mate Ben Meyerson (The President Show, The Opposition with Jordan Klepper) returns to read Chapter 18, "His Mark", and Chapter 19, "The Prophet"! Queequeg AKA Quahog AKA Hedgehog signs up for service on the Pequod, and Ishmael gets accosted by a creepy stranger with a freakishly large arm. Cool!

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    17: The Ramadan (w/ Ben Meyerson)

    Comedian and friend Ben Meyerson (The President Show, The Opposition with Jordan Klepper) joins Kevin to read Chapter 17, "The Ramadan"! We get some more slapstick humor, Queequeg meditates, Ishmael's Frasier side takes over once again, and we decide that Queequeg is so much better than Ishmael and he could, like TOTALLY do better than him.

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    16.2: The Ship, Pt. 2 (w/ Graham Starr)

    Graham Starr (@GrahamStarr) of New York Magazine returns for the exciting radio-drama-style conclusion of Chapter 16, "The Ship"! Ishmael goes below deck and meets the pious Captain Bildad. PLUS: Graham and Kevin discuss .horse website domains, errors and discrepancies between editions of Moby Dick, and 19th century whaleship economics. Part 2 of 2!

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    16.1: The Ship, Pt. 1 (w/ Graham Starr)

    Graham Starr (@GrahamStarr) of New York Magazine joins us for a very special radio-drama-style reading of Chapter 16, "The Ship"! Adventure creeps closer as Ishmael sets foot aboard the whaleship Pequod and meet one of its (several) captains. Part 1 of 2!

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    15: Chowder (w/ Ali Gordon)

    Ali Gordon (@msalicenutting) returns to read Chapter 15, "Chowder", and help us ponder some important questions, like, "What would Ishmael be like if he were alive today?" and, "Does milk secretly taste like grass?"

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    14: Nantucket (w/ Ali Gordon)

    First mate Ali Gordon (@msalicenutting) joins us to read chapter 14, "Nantucket". Ishmael doesn't talk to anybody but he has a lot of thoughts to share, as always. Also, we learn what the moon smells like!

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    12 & 13: Biographical / Wheelbarrow (w/ Zach Kohn)

    First mate Zach Kohn (@kohnisrad) returns to break down chapters 12 and 13, "Biographical" and "Wheelbarrow". Queequeg teaches us about his backstory and demonstrates how cool smoking is!

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    10 & 11: A Bosom Friend / Nightgown (w/ Zach Kohn)

    Comedian and friend Zach Kohn (@kohnisrad) joins Kevin for a double dose of chapters 10 and 11, "A Bosom Friend" and "Nightgown". Ishmael is starting to treat Queequeg like a human being! Imagine that!

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    9: The Sermon (w/ Heather Potts)

    Kevin is joined by returning guest Heather Potts (@hkpotts) for chapter 9, "The Sermon", as delivered by Father Mapple, the undisputed Coolest Man Alive.™

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    7 & 8: The Chapel / The Pulpit (w/ Heather Potts)

    Kevin is joined by Heather Potts (@hkpotts) for yet another thrilling double-feature of chapters 7 and 8, "The Chapel" and "The Pulpit." Also we discover that Captain Morgan was a real person.

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    4: The Counterpane (w/ Pedro Alcocer)

    Good pal (and producer of this podcast!) Pedro Alcocer (@thepedroalcocer) joins Kevin for a reading of chapter 4 of Moby-Dick, "The Counterpane." Things still have a bit of a sitcom vibe.

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    3.1: The Spouter-Inn, Pt. 1 (w/ Michael Sciortino)

    Kevin is joined by Michael Sciortino (@mykleshorteno) to read the first half of chapter three of Moby-Dick, "The Spouter-Inn," when things start to get weird and Ishmael goes full Frasier.

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    2: The Carpet-Bag (w/ Martin Nolan)

    In our second-ever episode, Kevin is joined once again by Martin Nolan (@martin_nolan) to read and discuss the second chapter of Moby-Dick, "The Carpet-Bag."

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    1: Loomings (w/ Martin Nolan)

    In our debut episode, Kevin sits down with good friend and comedian/writer Martin Nolan (@martin_nolan) to read and discuss the first chapter of Moby-Dick, "Loomings."

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    0: Etymology

    In this special preview episode, we read the first part of Moby Dick's prologue, "Etymology."

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